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Lian Fumerton-Liu is an independent designer and art director, creating building blocks for brands who mean business.

Championing storytelling and community to bring much needed, relatable, and diverse stories to the outdoor goods industry.

Design, Art Direction, Creative Direction: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Product Design, Art Direction: Symrin Chawla

Photographers: Brandon Thomas Brown, Deirdre Lewis

Videographer: Alima Lee

Founder, Executive Producer: Jade Akintola

The evolution of probiotics for human and planetary health.

Design Director: Yuji Sakuma

Designer: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Design Collaborators: Landscape

Executive Producer: Jen Zakur

Video: Daniel Hyo Kim

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Pulling data from ocean tide stations across the world¹, Tide Machine is a screen saver that displays the rise and fall of real-time water levels at a given location. As our computers rest, light and color shift along with time and season.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Development: Colin Dunn

¹ Worldwide Ocean and Sea Tide Predictions

A physically-distanced, socially-connected #LearnFromHome science course for Seed.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Design Director: Yuji Sakuma

Executive Producer: Jen Zakur

5 weeks, 5 chapters, 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history.⁠ Tap here to start learning with Chapter 01.

Launching a flexible system of personalized protein and supplement powders for Care/of.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu and Derek Chan

Photography: Lauren Coleman

Styling: Alex Brannian

More than just a 'vitamin startup' — communicating evolving principals and products.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu and Derek Chan

Photography: Lauren Coleman

Styling: Alex Brannian

Developing a templated system of thoughtful and concise brand stories for by Humankind — personal care products that are kinder to your body and our planet.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Creative Direction: Sarah Kissell

An ongoing personal project, exploring stick-and-poke tattooing through art, relationships, shared space, and trust.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Tattoo Artist: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Creating a world of beauty supplements that work from the inside-out.

Design, Creative/Art Direction: Lian Fumerton-Liu, Derek Chan

Design: Courtney Ewan

Photography: Lauren Coleman

Makeup: Suzy Gerstein

Templates and brand expansion for Aplós, a non-alcoholic hemp spirit designed for those moments in life that should be sipped slowly.

Design and Animation: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Creative Direction: Sarah Kissell

“Building businesses” based on variables of products and people at the click of a button.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Need a pitch for your new business? Get it here.

Monthly, themed dispensers for Care/of subscribers, containing 30 personalized daily packs.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Photography: Lauren Coleman

A bi-annual print magazine created by, and showcasing creative work by, Yale undergraduates.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Printing: Yale Printing and Publishing Services

Editors-in-Chief: Maya Binyam and Margaret Shultz

Poster series for a project dedicated to typographic exploration in a public space.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Ficciones Typografika was curated and installed by Eric Brandt.

Now included in the book Ficciones Typografika 1642, published by Formist Editions.



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