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Lian Fumerton-Liu is an independent designer living in Los Angeles, creating building blocks for brands who mean business.

A physically-distanced, socially-connected #LearnFromHome science course for Seed.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Design Director: Yuji Sakuma

Executive Producer: Jen Zakur

5 weeks, 5 chapters, 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history.⁠ Tap here to start learning with Chapter 01.

The evolution of probiotics for human and planetary health.

Design Director: Yuji Sakuma

Designer: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Design Collaborators: Landscape

Executive Producer: Jen Zakur

Video: Daniel Hyo Kim

Launching a flexible system of personalized protein and supplement powders for Care/of.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu and Derek Chan

Photography: Lauren Coleman

Styling: Alex Brannian

More than just a 'vitamin startup' — communicating evolving principals and products.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu and Derek Chan

Photography: Lauren Coleman

Styling: Alex Brannian

Developing a templated system of thoughtful and concise brand stories.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Creative Direction: Sarah Kissell

An ongoing personal project, exploring stick-and-poke tattooing through art, relationships, shared space, and trust.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Tattoo Artist: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Creating a world of beauty supplements that work from the inside-out.

Design, Creative/Art Direction: Lian Fumerton-Liu, Derek Chan

Design: Courtney Ewan

Photography: Lauren Coleman

Makeup: Suzy Gerstein

“Building businesses” based on variables of products and people at the click of a button.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Need a pitch for your new business? Get it here.

Monthly, themed dispensers for Care/of subscribers, containing 30 personalized daily packs.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Photography: Lauren Coleman

A digital presence for a product & brand team with a passion for shipping highly considered and impeccably crafted consumer experiences to market.

Art Direction: Colleen Redmond

Design: Nick Emrich and Lian Fumerton-Liu

Designed at Studio Rodrigo and built by Shift Lab

Poster designs for the annual Studio Rodrigo summer retreat in upstate New York.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

A bi-annual print magazine created by, and showcasing creative work by, Yale undergraduates.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Printing: Yale Printing and Publishing Services

Editors-in-Chief: Maya Binyam and Margaret Shultz

Poster series for a project dedicated to typographic exploration in a public space.

Design: Lian Fumerton-Liu

Ficciones Typografika was curated and installed by Eric Brandt.

Now included in the book Ficciones Typografika 1642, published by Formist Editions.





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